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Background of our company

Insight, Inc. was founded in order to enhance and develop commercial products from my research results obtained as doctor's thesis during the period from October, 1996 to Septemper, 1999. The research was performed at the Department of Quantum Engineering and Systems Science, the University of Tokyo under Prof. Genki Yagawa's instruction. I think my experience with a research laboratory of a construction company and with a design section in an aerospace manufacturer helped develop software that design engineers really need. I thought my mission is to create product software from my research result, to provide it to engineers and to contibute to prosperity of the world. That's why I founded Insight, Inc.

About our technology

The Insight's software development uses technologies in multiple fiields. The core technology is software agent which is a kind of Artificial Intelligence(AI). Also, technology called cognitive engineering is used. It researches on human computer relationship. As for engineering software, the Finite Element Method and automatic mesh generation that help engineers create finite element models are applied. Other technologies Include 3-D CAD and visualiztion for simulation results.

Of software agent, we specifically put stress on development of interface agent, a mediator between computers and human.

About our product

Although we are currently participating in projects at universities, and are developing software collaborating with other companies, we plan to develop our own package software and provide services on the web in the near future.

Data sheet

Insight, Ltd.
-> Insight, Inc. (05/12/2001)
Oct. 25, 1999
6,700 K yen
-> 16,300 K yen
Akio Miyosi
Tamamai Miyoshi
Satomi Takeuchi
Misako Ohta
Main field of business
Development and sales of software
Consulting on user interface of computers
Sales and lease of computers and peripherals
Main customers
The Universitiy of Tokyo, Allied Engineering, Saga University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Meijo University, Kyushu University, Tokyo University of Science Suwa, Institute of Technologists, Tsuruoka National College of Technology, Tokyo University of Science, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Toyo University, The University of Tokushima, University of the Ryukyus, Kagoshima University, Kobe Steel, Ltd., Saitama University, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., TOYOTA InfoTechnology Center Co., Ltd., National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Kyushu, Kyushu Electric Engineering Consults Inc., NEC Corporation, Iwata System Support Co.,Ltd, DENSO Corporation, National Defence Academy of Japan, Yonago National College of Technology, Nihon University
Tokiwadai branch, Resona Bank
Tokiwadai branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Head office sales devision, Japan Net Bank
113-0033, 5-29-12-407 Hongo, Bunkyo, Tokyo (2007/12/05 moved)
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Resume of CEO
March 1979: Graduated from the department of Nuclear Engineering, the University of Tokyo.
August 1980 to June 1981: Government sponsored stay in the Master's course at the department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the Graduate School of MIT.
March 1982: Graduated from the Master's course of the departement of Nuclear Engineering, Graduate School of the University of Tokyo
Worked at the Research Institute of Hazama Corporation, Inc. and at the Aerospace Division of Nissan Motor Co, Inc.
Septemper 1999: Graduated from the Doctor's course of the department of Quantum Engineering and Systems Science, Graduate School of the University of Tokyo.
info(at) 050-8885-4787
Insight Inc.
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